TEASER: "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

After leaking online earlier this afternoon, Marvel has released the official teaser trailer for next May's Avengers movie, guaranteed to make a billion dollars without breaking a sweat. Looks like they're going for a darker tone in this, as rumor has it the Avengers will disband by the end of the film, leading to the Iron Man/Captain America battle destined to take place in the third Captain America movie. James Spader supposedly did some motion capture work as Ultron here- hopefully this film will mark the first in the MCU to have an actual, memorable villain.

TEASER: "The Gambler"

Mark Wahlberg leads a pretty good ensemble cast in The Gambler, premiering at AFI Fest next month and set for a late December release here in the U.S. John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Brie Larsen and Michael K. Williams co-star in this remake of the 1974 film that starred James Caan, and with a screenplay from The Departed's William Monahan and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt at the helm, this might actually have some real potential. If it was no good they would have held it back until next year, so maybe look out for this one.

Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Snowpiercer" (2014)

Out on blu-ray this week is one of the best movies of the year, Bong Joon Ho's Snowpiercer, the sci-fi epic about passengers trapped on a revolving train in an apocalyptic future where the earth has nearly been destroyed. Chris Evans steps away from Captain America to lead a revolt of the working class citizens against the tyrannical behavior of the elites who abuse them, and it's an action packed, imaginative, beautifully filmed ode to humanity by the film's end. If you haven't seen it, now's the time to check it out.


POSTER: "Big Eyes"

Here's the new poster for Tim Burton's Big Eyes, which is coming out on Christmas Day but still hasn't been screened for anyone yet (unusual for late releases at this time of year). If a movie hasn't been seen at this stage it likely means that there's not a lot of confidence in it behind the scenes- or for one reason or another, the studio just doesn't think it's going to be good enough for an awards run (they usually take their big awards contenders to a fall film festival to get the buzz going). We'll see though, sooner or later.

TEASER #3: "The Hunger Games- Mockingjay, Part 1"

So yeah, I may be done with posting the relentless amount of teasers being released for this movie after today (similar to the way I finally cut off Maleficent), but I guess that's what you do when your marketing campaign is targeting a demographic that spends all its time on social media. Anyway, here's one that seems to be an early scene in the movie, with Katniss gearing up for battle.

TRAILER: "Top Five"

This movie, written and directed by Chris Rock, made a huge splash in Toronto this year, ignited a bidding war over distribution, and is now being quickly slated for a release on December 5th, in time for awards consideration. It got some very enthusiastic reviews, although I don't know if you can tell what makes it so special from this trailer- it looks funny, but apparently it's more than that, with some serious points to make about a variety of topics, including Hollywood, relationships, etc. Some referred to it as Chris Rock's Annie Hall, if that gives you a better idea of what it might be. Looking forward to seeing it though- I hope it can live up to the hype.